To make your job search effective we have a process of applying to companies that aims to maximize your salary proposal.

Here's how it works:

  • You should inform us that you want to start a job by contacting your batch manager.

  • You share a shortlist of positions from Hiring Partners or companies listed here that you want to apply for. If there aren’t jobs suited to your specialization, you can shortlist jobs from non-hiring companies without penalty.

  • We confirm that you can apply to these positions. If we decline your request it means that we don't think you are ready to start applying for positions yet. So you continue learning and go through the endorsement program. The endorsement program will ensure you are ready for the process of searching for jobs and having interviews.

  • You start applying for your dream positions first, and if you don't have any luck with them, you can move on to other companies on your wishlist.

  • If you receive several rejections, you share with us the feedback you got from the companies on where you need to improve. We then provide additional training and mentorship for you. Once you have improved further, you continue your job search until you’re hired.

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