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What's Senior Team Lead (STL)?
What's Senior Team Lead (STL)?
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Senior team leads (STLs) are experts from the IT industry who work and specialise in the areas that Turing College teaches. They have two primary roles - to directly help learners with the curriculum part of their studies and to make sure that the course is constantly aligned with the most recent needs of the industry.

STLs are on hand to provide support throughout the course. This means that if you encounter a particularly challenging part in the curriculum that your peers are unable to offer you help with, there will always be someone to help you to understand and move forward. However, your peers should still be the first ones you ask when you get stuck.

Responsibilities of STLs

Participating in daily stand-ups to make sure everyone is on track and has access to regular expert help.

  • Helping learners to get back on track if they are struggling with particular parts of the curriculum

  • Live demonstrations of particularly challenging parts of the course.

  • Updating the course when weaknesses are identified

  • Participating in project code reviews/corrections

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