Junior Team Leads (JTL) are the top learners that we have selected who have shown a willingness to dedicate a large proportion of their time to helping others. Aside from the invaluable support they offer their peers, they gain the following benefits:

  • A scholarship of up to 300 Eur / month (taxes will apply based on your country of residence)

  • The ability to practice their leadership and mentoring skills regularly; leadership mentoring with Turing College staff.

  • The ability to deepen their knowledge of topics they have already learned through the teaching of others

  • A useful talking point to use within interviews with potential employers in the future

  • Even more flexible graduation timeline

Responsibilities of a JTL

As a junior team lead, you are by no means required to be an expert on the topic that you will be helping with. If you are able to immediately help struggling learners with the topic, that's great. But if not, it’s equally, if not more important, that you are able to lead a struggling learner towards a way of solving their problems, helping them along the way. Once a learner has become a JTL, they will be provided with on-boarding activities and extra information that will help to prepare them for their new responsibilities.

Potential extra activities:

  • Leading stand-ups (Turing College staff will also attend the majority of these)

  • Leading retrospectives (Turing College staff will also attend these)

  • Attending sessions with STLs or Turing College staff, where we will explore how to improve your leadership skills, deciding on individual activities for further growth

  • Leading 1-1 mentorship sessions with other learners. These sessions are used to talk about and encourage the mentee’s progress in the technical and in soft skill areas.

  • Booking at least 1 hour each workday for peer reviews.

  • Helping people in the free trial mini-course by leading their stand-ups and performing corrections.

  • Open sessions in Discord for helping other learners on-demand.

As the course progresses, these activities might be modified to better suit both the needs of the JTL and the learners.

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