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What does the timetable look like?
What does the timetable look like?
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At Turing College, there is no timetable or set schedule. All of our programs are self-paced - we give learners a lot of flexibility in terms of the speed at which they progress.

The only regular events are stand-ups and you can choose from several times suitable for you. Our programs are open to learners from all time zones as we have availability to book meetings and corrections 24/7.

The studies have a maximum time limit and some learners may have specific deadlines that they will need to follow. We recommend dedicating at least 15 hours per week to study, but most of our learners dedicate between 20-40 focused hours per week.

Important: learning speed is a very personal thing and relates to your prior experience, learning style, sleep, your daily job, and other things you do in life. For most learners, 15 hours isn’t enough to keep up with their desired learning speed, so we recommend being very realistic about your commitment to learning.

For more information about how Turing College works, check out this helpful page:

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